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Tetravoxel Limited is a two-man game development studio headquartered in Ontario, Canada. It was established in April 2017 with the purpose of bringing to light the vision of its founders Austin Mandel and Patrick Pearce. We are two McMaster University graduates with a shared passion for science, technology, and video games. Tetravoxel allows us to draw upon our myriad interests and develop innovative games with features that push the limits of traditional game design.

Caverns : Lost Sky

Tetravoxel's current game, Caverns: Lost Sky, is a single player action-adventure RPG set in a fully destructible, voxelized subterranean realm. Join Strato in an action-packed adventure RPG through the voxel wilderness of the Tellurian Sector, and uncover the truth about his world! Explore winding labyrinths and colossal caverns powered by our in-house Numinous Engine. Level up by engaging large groups of enemies with a real-time combat system, or find rare treasure to aid in your journey.

Open Development

We believe in developing games with our players in mind. This means listening to the community and taking their feedback seriously, all the while being open about the game's current progress. This will come in the form of frequent updates on steam, and interactions with the community across our various social media platforms.

Numinous Engine

Designed to meet the demands of a limitless procedurally generated world — in all three dimensions.

Unlike most procedural games, Caverns: Lost Sky has no height limit. We desired a completely limitless world with unique geology spanning every conceivable scale. Built from scratch by the two co-founders of Tetravoxel Limited, the Numinous Engine allows us to simulate enormous multiply connected structures as vast and varied as the mind itself. Branching tunnel networks, kilometer-sized caverns and massive rock shelves are just some examples of the range of structures that can be efficiently generated. Some of the Numinous Engine's advanced features include:

  • Tetravoxelization - Produces angled terrain shapes making it easy to walk and run over
  • Membronic Linkaging - Enables efficient parallel processing of infinite, multiply connected 3D spaces in real time
  • VoxelScript - AI scripting with the power of fuzzy logic and the fluency of data driven design
  • Destructible Terrain - Fast terrain modification in real time by players and AI entities
  • Volumetric Particles - Voxelized particle systems with programmable materials
  • Live Debugging - Powerful in-game debugger for eliminating dynamic, complex errors